William Eggleston

William Eggleston : Tate Shots and more

I've admired Eggleston's mundane Americana for a long time now, probably since seeing the iconic Memphis (tricycle) photograph from William Eggleston's Guide - I'm pretty sure this will have been the first of his photographs I saw...

William Eggleston, Untitled, Memphis, 1970; dye transfer print, 12 1/8 in. x 17 1/4 in. (30.8 cm x 43.82 cm); Collection SFMOMA, Gift of Laurence A. Short; © Eggleston Artistic Trust (Source: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/collection/artwork/11384#ixzz3HncJ4rn4)

In deciding which online resource I'd use for the upcoming hangout, I came across the Tate Shots video (bottom) and in watching I was confused about something, there was a lamp isolated against a blue ceiling. So what? Well, the ceiling is normally red. I'd become aware some time ago of some 'anomalies' in the printing of Eggleston's work when I realised that the cover of my 
Guide differed from the images used in an article about the sale of some of his work (Googling "Eggleston Memphis Tricycle highlights this) but from red to blue? A step to far, surely?

Google search results - "Eggleston Memphis Tricycle"

William Eggleston, details unknown Screen grab from Tate Shots video

Well, it would appear that as well as being incredibly eccentric, Eggleston also has something of a sense of humour. He's famed for only taking a single shot of everything he photographs, but that doesn't stop him taking the "same" photograph in different locations...

William Eggleston, Untitled, Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973; dye transfer print, 12 5/16 in. x 18 1/2 in. (31.27 cm x 46.99 cm); Collection SFMOMA, Gift of a friend of the Museum; © Eggleston Artistic Trust (Source: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/collection/artwork/15320#ixzz3HnaspCtM)

Anyway, here's the video...