What is Photography?

This is something I saw some time ago, it’s taken from the Arakimentari film about the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. I think it asks very pertinent questions about photography...

Arakimentari. 2004. [DVD] Travis Klose. Troopers Films.

The questions/statements/captions (whatever) are:

What is a photographer?

What is photography?

How do I shoot?

What should I take a picture of?

Should I shoot this? That?

Can I shoot this?

Why do we want to keep a photo?

Does a photo become memory?

Is it a friend?

Is it a lover?

Why is it colour?

That’s amazing, it’s incredible!

No it might be an enemy

Should I shoot in black & white…?

Your face shows who you are

Does it make you horny?

Are you getting excited?

That’s disgusting

I burn every experience onto film

The feeling’s gone

The memory never fades

What if I took a photo of everything I’ve ever experienced?

What does it mean to be a photographer?