Free Thinking : Barbara Kruger


The interview with Barbara Kruger takes up the first 50% or so of the broadcast, together with Laurie Penny. There much said about feminism, they both work with this so it would be expected. From a point of view of Kruger’s work, it’s interesting that she denounces the claim that her work is subversive, but rather that she likes to work with doubt, asking questions and resistance. In terms of the doubt, it was also interesting but maybe not really surprising that she was very cognisant of the fact that others will their own meanings to her work, that some will be successful and others won’t, depending on the person looking at the image and reading the text. Of course, there is something of herself in there too, it would be an impossible claim to say that there isn’t - nobody can be that objective.

Free Thinking. 2014 [Radio Broadcast] Georgia Catt. British Broadcasting Corporation
located at (accessed 04/10/2014 )