[( 6 )] : Getting the word out there

Without an audience to communicate with, the exhibition is just an exercise in spending money. In terms of telling that audience about the show, most of what I have done has been via Twitter, although with just a few characters to use with each tweet, there needs to be something to back it up. I’ve also been using Tumblr for longer posts, which auto-tweet anyway, and my normal blog on robtm.co.uk. I’m not a Facebook user, so that’s out of the question, but I know some of the others are, so hopefully they’ve been using it.

I also have a mailing list which I use to let people know about things that are happening, the last couple of these have been about the exhibition. It’s not got a huge distribution list at the moment, but it does get to a few people in the industry. Whether they read it or not is another matter...


Add to this an exhibition website that Dewald has created, then there’s a certain amount out there. He also created a flyer, which I will print up and put in the gallery window.

Elizabeth Underwood, from Underwood Works and OCA has been helping in terms of the Private View, gathering lists of invitees and co-ordinating the press-release and a
handout (which we had to provide the material for). The PV has been handled via Eventbrite, which I suppose in many ways is similar to Mailchimp that I use for my mailing list.

There’s probably more I should be doing, but I’m lacking the physical capacity at the moment...

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