A little red book

The first year of this MA course is finished. The photographs are printed, the essay written, PPP progressed and the journal entries blogged and extracted. Everything has been uploaded ready for the assessors and I'll be setting off to Barnsley in an hour to see if they will accept to take the diesel prints in to support the assessment process. If not, it will be down to the rephotographed prints and this...

red book
Ruscha's Gasoline Stations (virtually) Revisited

As supporting material, I have produced a little book. The dimensions are not too far from Ruscha's - his was 7"x5", this is the nearest Blurb do at 8"x5". The design of the book is loosely based on what Ruscha produced - the cover is colour reversed with a similar typeface, it's closer together though; the images are in the same order but are 5x4 format (generally) rather than square; there's also a bit more text in there at the end, and therefore a few more pages. It's largely 'similar' though, and that seemed appropriate for me as I have appropriated his theme.

Yes, it's been done by Blurb, so I was stuck in the format they have defined, with the paper choice they make available, so it's not necessarily the finest object that can be produced, but it is affordable and that again matches what Ruscha's intentions were, even if the fact is that the entry level prices for a third edition of his book start around the £500 mark (generally a little less), and I've seen a first edition advertised at approaching £17000 - you can buy a brand new Mini Cooper or a 48 page book... (I know, nothing compared to the Picasso - there were 300 of these books though).

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