What is Professional Practice?

The last hangout of 2014 was also our first real look at the Personal Practice Plan (P3) and what it will entail. The P3 was described as being akin to an artistic business plan, something in which we would plot out our intended progress for our professional career as an artist. I've already mentioned that I'm not sure it will become my main profession, certainly not in the foreseeable future, but that's not to say I don't want to be successful or otherwise respected for whatever it is that comes out of my camera, so I will of course pay this the attention it deserves.

The first thing to maybe think about (and may have actually appeared earlier too) is the question "what is professional practice?" In the presentation material, Caroline gives some bullet points:

  • Being professional in behaviour, presentation, administration and aesthetics.
  • Encompasses the world of art practice outside the studio.
  • Is something to be enjoyed, engaged with, shared and commented on.
  • Is something where we can find a place and position.
  • Is somewhere we can analyse the paths of other creatives, their galleries, exhibitions, lectures, profile, statements and so one...
  • Is somewhere (a group?) where we can witness and question curatorial practic, contemporary art discourse and debate, etc.

The key thing I'm picking up here is more to do with our interactions with others, how we personally fit into that professional context. It's something I know I'm a little lacking in. I've signed up with groups like Redeye in Manchester, but struggle to make it to their symposiums and the like. Partially this is because of work, partially because of distance and partially it is a certain apathy in that something has to give in order to fit everything in, and it seems to be this sort of thing. I'll make an effort every now and then, a big push for a specific something, but then everything drops off again... I'm not being very "professional" in this respect.

The same also applies to finding local exhibition spaces, or going to galleries and interacting with art (which reminds me, I need to finish off writing up the Heinecken exhibition that I saw after Warhol...).

There's also a repeat of the questions asked during the VL, so it's pointless to go through them again here (
answers), and a list of areas to consider, which includes:

  • Articulating practice
  • Contextual studies
  • Audience and public engagement
  • Navigating opportunities
  • Verbal, visual and written communication
  • Exposition

I guess some form of exposition is the end game here (and it is the focus of the final year of the course), which is all a form of communication and whatnot. I need to start considering thse areas some more...

So what actually is the P3? Well, according to the notes it encompasses:

  • One year, three year and five year plans.
  • Defining my aims.
  • How to achieve these [aims], what can I put in place, how can I maximise the opportunity to achieve my aims?
  • Recognise aims will shift as time passes.
  • Realism, relevance and achievability.

I'm not going to add anything more at this time, I have a lot of other things to consider over th Christmas break, but I will need to start thinking about it soon.
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