Whilst working through the various modules in the MA I’m taking, I’ve used a number of books and other resources as information or just as inspiration. This is where I give the credit to them. This list covers the blog, my written logbook and the various pieces of work I've produced. Whatever, wherever though, they are listed below.

The lists below are in alphabetical order of authors name (or director, etc.)
Broomberg, A. & Chanarin, O. 2011. War Primer 2. PDF version. (MA1)
Butler, C. 2002. 
Postmodernism: A very short introduction. Oxford. Oxford University Press. (e-book version) (MA1)
Campany, D. 2014. The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip. New York. Aperture Foundation. (MA1 / MA2)
Costello, D. & Iversen, M (eds). 2010.
Photography after conceptual art. Chichester. Wiley-Blackwell. (MA1)
Di Bello, P, Wilson, C & Zamir, S (eds). 2012. The Photo Book: from Talbot to Ruscha and beyond. London. IB Tauris & Co Ltd. (MA1)
Elkins, J .2002. Stories of Art. New York. Routledge (MA1)
Evans, D (ed). 2009. Appropriation. London. Whitechapel Gallery (MA1)
Evans. W. 2012. American Photographs. 75th Anniversary Edition. London. Tate Publishing (MA2)
rank, R .2008. The Americans. Göttingen. Steidl. (MA1 / MA2)
Friedlander, L. 2010.
America by Car. New York. Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. (MA1 / MA2)
Groom, A (ed). 2013.
Time. London. The Whitechapel Gallery. (MA2)
Hearten, E. 2008.
Art & Today. Paperback edition. London. Phaidon Press Inc (MA1)
Hido, T. 2010.
A Road Divided. Portland. Nazraeli Press LLC. (MA1)
Morris, E. 2011. Believing is Seeing (observations on the mysteries of photography). New York. The Penguin Press. (MA2)
Parr, M. 1999. Boring Postcards. London. Phaidon Press Limited. (MA1)
Parr, M. & Badger, G. 2004. 
The Photobook: A History volume I. London. Phaidon Press Limited. (MA1)
Patterson, C. 2011. Redheaded Peckerwood. London. Mack (MA1 / MA2)
Richards, M. 2008. Ed Ruscha. London. Tate Publishing (MA1)
Rose, G. 2014. Visual Methodologies. 3rd Edition. London. Sage Publications Ltd (MA1)
Shore, S. 2015. Stephen Shore: Survey. Madrid, Fundación Mapfre / New York. Aperture Foundation (MA2)
Shore, S. 2004.
Uncommon Places: The complete works. 2008 edition. London. Thames & Hudson Ltd. (MA1 / MA2)
Sontag, S. 1977. On Photography. London. Penguin Books. (MA1)
Soth, A. 2010. From here to there: Alec Soth's America. Minneapolis. Walker Art Center. (MA1 / MA2)
Stallabrass, J. 2006.
Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford. Oxford University Press (MA1)
Takanashi, Y. 2010.
Toshi-e (Towards the City). New York. Errata Editions (MA1)
Vartanian, I. Kenekom, R. 2009. Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and ‘70s. New York. Aperture Foundation. (MA2)
Vartanian, I, Hatanaka A. & Kambayashi, Y. 2006. Setting Sun: writings by Japanese photographers. New York. Aperture Foundation Books. (MA1)
Wells, L. 2011. Land Matters: landscape photography, culture and identity. London. IB Tauris & Co Ltd. (MA1 / MA2)

Krijnen M (ed) 2013. Interview. Foam. #37, p106 (MA1)
Smith D (ed) 2016. Modern Myths. BJP. #7849, p3 (MA3)

Film & TV:
A Bridge Too Far. 1977. [Blu-Ray] Richard Attenborough. Joseph E Levine Productions. (MA1)
Apocalypse Now
. 1979. [Video Streaming] Francis Ford Coppola. Zoetrope Studios. (MA1)
2004. [DVD] Travis Klose. Troopers Films. (MA1)
Battle for Haditha.
2007. [Video Streaming] Nick Broomfield. Channel Four Films. (MA1)
Battle of Britain. 1969. [Blu-Ray] Guy Hamilton. Spitfire Productions. (MA1)
Battle of Warsaw 1920. 2011 Jerzy Hoffman. Zodiak Jerzy Hoffman Film Production Sp. z o.o. (MA1)
Black Hawk Down.
2002. [DVD] Ridley Scott. Sony Pictures. (MA1)
Brotherhood (Tae Guk Gi).
2004 [Video Streaming] Je-kyu Kang. Showbox Entertainment. (MA1)
2010. [Video Streaming] Neil Marshall. Pathé Pictures International. (MA1)
Exposition and Context: Professional Context, Video Lecture 1. Unknown. [Video Streaming] Caroline Wright. Open College of the Arts. (MA1)
From Archive to Interview: Visual Enquiry, Video Lecture 2. 2011 [Video Streaming] Angela Rogers. Open College of the Arts. (MA1)
Full Metal Jacket. 1987. [DVD] Stanley Kubrick. Warner Bros. (MA1)
Gazonto. 2014 [Video Streaming] John Greyson. endtheblockade.ca (MA1)
. 2012. [Blu-Ray] Jacqui Morris and David Morris. British Film Company (MA1)
Our World War. 2014. [Video Streaming] Bruce Goodison/Ben Chanan. British Broadcasting Corporation (MA1)
Overlord. 1975. [Video Streaming] Stuart Cooper. Jowsend. (MA1)
Paul Nash:The Ghosts of War. 2014 [Video Streaming] Patrick Dickinson. Danny Katz Productions. (MA1)
The Neo Avant-Garde - the 1960s and Beyond, Video Lecture 4. Unknown. [Video Streaming] Graham Whitham. Open College of the Arts (MA1)
The Reflexive Practitioner: Visual Enquiry, Video Lecture 1. 2011 [Video Streaming] Angela Rogers. Open College of the Arts. (MA1)
We Were Soldiers. 2002. [DVD] Randall Wallace. Icon Entertainment International (MA1)
Zero Dark Thirty. 2012. [Blu-Ray] Kathryn Bigelow. Columbia Pictures (MA1)
1939 Battle of Westerplatte. 2013. [Video Streaming] Pawel Chochlew. SPI International (MA1)

Online Resource:
(actual URLs to individual items will be linked/stated within posts)
Academia - academia.edu (MA1)
Aesthetica Magazine - aestheticamagazine.com (MA2)
Alexa Cox - alexacox.com (MA2)
All About Philosophy – allaboutphilosophy.org (MA1)

American Suburb X – americansuburbx.com (MA1)
a-n - a-n.co.uk (MA1)
Matthew Andrew - matthew-andrew.com (MA1)
Annabel Dover - annabeldover.com (MA2)
Aperture Foundation – aperture.org (MA1 / MA2)

Archive (Denver Open Media) – archive.org (MA1)
Art Intelligence - artintelligence.net (MA1)
Artuner - artuner.com (MA2)
Christoph Bangert - christophbangert.com (MA1)
Lisa Barnard - lisabarnard.co.uk (MA1)
Christiane Baumgartner - christiane-baumgartner.com (MA1)
BBC - bbc.co.uk (MA1 / MA2)
BBC iPlayer - bbc.co.uk/iplayer (MA1)
Iñaki BergeraIt - bergeraphoto.com (MA1)

Cindy Bernard - sound2cb.com (MA2)
Les Bicknell - unpickingandrebinding.blogspot.co.uk (MA1)
Mary Boone Gallery - maryboonegallery.com (MA1)
British Journal of Photography – bjp-online.com (MA1)
The Brooklyn Rail - brooklynrail.org (MA1)
Broomberg & Chenarin - broombergchanarin.com (MA1)
Ed Burtynsky - edwardburtynsky.com (MA3)
Lewis Bush - disphotic.com (MA1)


Chicago University - cas.uchicago.edu (MA1)
Commando Comics - commandocomics.com (MA1)
David Cotterrell - cotterrell.com (MA1)
Creative Boom - creativeboom.com (MA2)
Creative Review - creativereview.co.uk (MA1)
Curious (Helen Paris) - placelessness.com (MA2)
Daily Life (Bobby Baker) - dailylifeltd.co.uk (MA1)
Mariej Dakowicz - maciejdakowicz.com (MA1)
John Darwell - johndarwell.com (MA2 / MA3)
John Davies - johndavies.uk.com (MA3)

Christopher Down - christopherdown.com (MA1)
Duke University Library - library.duke.edu (MA2)
EasyArt - easyart.com (MA1)
The Electronic Intifada - electronicintifada.net (MA1)
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online - britannica.com (MA2)
Flickr - flickr.com (MA2)
Fotografia Magazine - fotografiamagazine.com (MA2)

The Fraenkel Gallery - fraenkelgallery.com (MA1)
Franko B - franko-b.com (MA1)
Peter Fraser - peterfraser.net (MA2)

The Getty - getty.edu (MA1)
Government Art Collection - gac.culture.gov.uk (MA1)
The Guardian - theguardian.com (MA1 / MA2 / MA3)
Guerrilla Girls - guerrillagirls.com (MA1)

Mishka Henner - mishkahenner.com (MA1)
Hotshoe International – hotshoeinternational.com (MA1)
Huck Magazine - huckmagazine.com (MA2)
The Huffington Post - huffingtonpost.com (MA2)


The Imperial War Museum - iwm.org.uk/ (MA1)
Instagram - instagram.com (MA2)
Michal Iwanowski - michaliwanowski.com (MA3)

Peter Jansen - humanmotions.com (MA1)
Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz - hannakatrina.co.uk (MA3)
John Kippin – johnkippin.com (MA1)
Steffi Klenz - steffiklenz.co.uk (MA2)
Austin Kleon - austinkleon.com (MA1)
Teru Kuwayama - terukuwayama.com (MA1)

L'Oeil de la Photographie - loeildelaphotographie.com (MA2 / MA3)
La Vallee des Saints - lavalleedessaints.com (MA2)

Langlands and Bell - langlandsandbell.com (MA1)
Man in the Dark - maninthedark.com (MA1)
Manchester Art Gallery - manchestergalleries.org (MA1)
Martin Möll - martinmoell.com (MA1)
Marxists Internet Archive - marxists.org (MA1)
Mary Ryan Gallery - maryryangallery.com (MA1)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - metmuseum.org (MA1)
Bart Michiels - bartmichiels.com (MA1)
Les Monaghan - lesmonaghan.blogspot.co.uk (MA1)
Daido Moriyama - moriyamadaido.com/english/ (MA1)
Errol Morris - errolmorris.com (MA2)
Museum of Modern Art - moma.org (MA1)

National Media Museum - nationmediamuseum.org.uk (MA2)
New York Times - nytimes.com (MA1)
Northern Arizona University - library.nau.edu (MA1)
The nymph and the shepherd - thenymphandtheshepherd.com (MA3)

OCA Vimeo video library - vimeo.com/opencollegearts (MA1)
Of the land and us - ofthelandandus.co (MA2)
One Year of Books - oneyearofbooks.tumblr.com (MA1)
Open Eye Gallery - openeye.org.uk (MA2)
Oxford Art Online - oxfordartonline.com (MA1)
Oxford Dictionary - oxforddictionaries.com (MA1)

Pace Gallery - pacegallery.com (MA1)
Papergirl Blackburn - papergirlblackburn.wordpress.com (MA1)
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Photo This & That - photothisandthat.co.uk (MA2)
Photobook Store - photobookstore.co.uk (MA2)

Photoeye - photoeye.com (MA1 / MA2)
Ingrid Pollard - ingridpollard.com (MA3)
Mark Power - markpower.co.uk (MA3)

Premier Art Scene - premierartscene.com(MA1)

Reykjavík Art Museum - artmuseum.is (MA2)
Gerhard Richter – gerhard-richter.com (MA1)
Doug Rickard - dougrickard.com (MA2)
Road to Ruscha - roadtoruscha.com (MA1)
Simon Roberts - simoncroberts.com (MA1 / MA3)
Russh - russhmagazine.com (MA1)

Thomas Schütte - thomas-schuette.de (MA1)
Andy Sewell - andysewell.com (MA3)
SF MoMA – sfmoma.org (MA1)
Jamie Simonds - jamiesimonds.com (MA1)
Slate - slate.com (MA2)
Jo Spence - jospence.org (MA3)
Todd Stewart - toddstewartphotography.net (MA1)
Christina Stohn - christinastohn.com (MA3)
The Tate - tate.org.uk (MA1 / MA3)
The Telegraph - telegraph.co.uk (MA1)
Time Out - timeout.com (MA1)
Tumblr - tumblr.com (MA1 / MA2)
Twitter - twitter.com (MA2)

John Umney- johnumney.co.uk (MA3)

Vimeo video library - vimeo.com (MA1)
Visual Culture - visualcultureblog.com (MA1)

Dougie Wallace - dougiewallace.com (MA1)
Wellcome Collection - wellcomecollection.org (MA1)
Whitney Museum of American Art - whitney.org (MA1 / MA2)
Wikiart - wikiart.org (MA3)
Wikipedia - en.wikipedia.org (MA1 / MA2 / MA3)

Wikiquote - wikiquote.org (MA1)


YouTube video library - youtube.com (MA1 / MA2)
Kyler Zeleny - kylerzeleny.com (MA1)
1000 Words Photography – 1000wordsmag.com (MA1 / MA2)
[( 6 )] - six-scapes.weebly.com (MA1)

Anything Else:
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII. 2006. [PS3] Ubisoft. (MA1)