Major Project

Venus in Furs (or what I did last summer)

During the summer I didn’t do much, just working, decorating and generally getting on with the various jobs that you have to do after moving that invariably take much longer than anticipated, especially when confronted with less than ideal craftsmanship from others (my book cases still aren’t right!). I did however go to Paris in August. A long weekend that has gone some way to saving my mind, from an arts perspective at least. I’ve already mentioned some of the shows, and the body of work I’ll need to pull together and coalesce over the coming months. Here’s some initial book layouts, part of the first day back “show and tell”...

Venus in Furs (the beginning)

I’ve been insanely busy recently, to the point that I’ve not produced any work for some time. A weekend in Paris with a couple of photographer friends was an ideal opportunity to remedy this. So, I went with an idea to shoot using my iPhone, in a vertical format (95% of my other work will be horizontal) and to let the weekend dictate where it ends up. I did just this, in-between going to a number of galleries and such like, and now have a pile of images that I need to do something with, a couple of them are below:




Over the coming weeks (months?) I will be working these images, pairing them up into something that works. I’m also planning to intersperse short descriptive events within the images, things that I didn’t (or sometimes couldn’t) photograph. I found the website some time ago, and think that something like this might be interesting...

Time will tell if it works.