Hi, thanks for dropping in on this site, although you may be asking what it’s all about - well, I decided to do an MA in Fine Art which started in September 2014, and this is my online journal, well, an abridged version anyway. Some things might not be for a general readership.

The notes are basically broken down into years (this part-time distance learning MA with OCA takes three of them), with a blog for all the written stuff each year (Visual Enquiry, Studio Practice and then Major Project). The Contextual Research and Professional Development for each year is in with the yearly notes, with the appropriate category. I'm sure everything will make sense as time goes on. Well, I hope so.

If you just want to look at some of my photography, I have some more to see on my other website, robtm.co.uk. I also do the Tumblr thing if you're interested. You can find my twitter to the right too.

If you have any questions or comments to make, please feel free to contact me - use the form below. If you want to join a mailing list you can do that too - see right (don't worry, you won't get bombarded with stuff, just some bits and pieces every three months or so, when something interesting happens or basically when I have time and can be bothered...).

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Text and photography ©2014-2016 (unless otherwise noted). Please don't use my stuff in any commercial way without permission, it's not nice and I may well take offence. Please feel free to reblog images though, as long as you give me the credit and link back here to where you found it, I'm happy with that.

I don't have the trademark on the name "Rob" either, it all started as a joke years ago and has stuck...